Welcome to SterlingStart, a visionary company that provides flexible funding solutions, comprehensive technical support and operational guidance to medical device start-ups and entrepreneurs across the country.

Many of the most exciting and potentially lucrative innovations in medical device technology never see the light of market. That’s because medical device innovators often find it extremely difficult to secure early-stage funding from traditional venture capitalists or individual investors.

SterlingStart was created to change all that—and to offer a new way of thinking about medical device development.

Our Approach

SterlingStart draws on the resources, R&D experience and proven track record of SterlingTech Software, our sister company. Our seed funding and technical solutions illustrate our partner-level commitment to your success.

If your emerging medical device company is focused on microprocessor-based electronics or software, we’ll tailor a comprehensive strategy to help you reach your proof-of-concept or prototype phase.

Once you’ve produced your prototype, you can be confident you’ll be well positioned to secure future rounds of financing.

We’ll help you create real-world timelines and project benchmarks. You’ll know when you’re moving in the right direction—and you’ll know when you need to make adjustments on the fly.

Bring us your vision—we’ll do the rest.